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Macedonian customers visited we DOING company for the fourth time in ten years

Date:Jul 15, 2019/ DOING News/ Chat online/ Get a free quote

On July 15, 2019, our sales manager received customer from Macedonia, Europe. This is the fourth time that Macedonian customer visited our company. Five years ago, the customer ordered our equipment. He said that the equipment is currently in production and he is satisfied with our equipment and after-sales service. Macedonian customer need to expand production scale and establish cooperation with our company again.

Macedonian customers visited we DOING Macedonian customers in DOING company

After a few years, when customers visited our factories and companies again, they were very impressed with the environment of our factory. The customer said that a strong company should pay more attention to details like DOING, not only equipment but also factory environment, should give customers the best experience.

Thanks to the support and trust of our customers, we have the support of customers, let us be more determined, we DOING give back to each customer with the best equipment and the best service.

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