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What is the drug packaging recycling process?

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Drug packaging recycling process is for recycling waste drug packaging to usable products: aluminum and plastic, the process include crushing, grinding, water cooling, rotatory vibrating screen and electrostatic separation.

If you had been to see a doctor or to hospital, you should be very familiar with the drugs and drug packaging. In order to keep the drugs from moisture, light, damage and dirty, thus reduce the drug property, many drugs are packed in aluminum and PVC plastic composite packaging, due to the high resistance to moisture and light of the aluminum, and the high resistance to the chemical and wear of the PVC plastic. As we already knew that drug packaging is mainly consist of aluminum and plastic, then the drug packaging recycling process recommended from us is to recycle it to usable aluminum and plastic again.

drug packaging recycling processDrug packaging for recycled

Details of the drug packaging recycling process:

1) Crushing

Waste drug packaging is firstly crushed into small pieces through a crusher;

2) Grinding

Secondly, the crushed drug packaging is conveyed to the grinder for grinding to finer powder through the wind conveyer;

3) Rotatory vibrating screen

The grinded drug packaging powder would be further sieved by the rotator vibrating screen to make sure the even size, and sort out the big particles which aluminum may still sticky on plastic;

4) Electrostatic separation

The even and fine powder sorted out from the rotatary vibrating screen will go to the electrostatic separator to make aluminum and plastic separated.

recycling drug packagingThe process of recycling drug packaging

In the above process, crushing, grinding and screen are all set to make sure that aluminum and plastic could be fully separated for separation. Also there is the dust collector to remove the fly dust during the process to keep clean environment. Another important part is we have the water cooling system equipped with the machine which could make cooling effect for the grinding process, thus to avoid plastic melted and sticky on aluminum if high temperature caused by friction.

After the drug packaging recycling process, pure aluminum and plastic could be obtained and sold for cash.


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