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Plastic and aluminum recycling process

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What is the drug packaging recycling process?

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We should have taken some drugs when we were sick, so we should be very familiar with the aluminum-plastic packaging of drug. Most people will throw the aluminum-plastic packaging into the trash after taking the drug. As everyone knows, it is necessary to recycle the waste drug packaging.Because the aluminum in the waste drug packaging can still be used.But, how to recycle drug packaging? You must be curious about the drug packaging recycling process. Next, let me tell you how to recycle drug packaging correctly.

aluminum plastic separation recycling machinedrug  packaging

Doing Holdings Co,Ltd. has developed an aluminum plastic separation recycling machine that can effectively recycle the aluminum and plastics contained in drug packaging.

The aluminum plastic separation recycling machine has four steps to process drug packaging, include crushing, grinding, eddy-vibrating screen and electrostatic separation.

aluminum plastic separation recycling machineprocess of drug packaging recycling

Firstly, putting the aluminum-plastic packaging of waste tablets into the crusher for crushing.

Secondly, because the adhesion between aluminum and plastic is very high, the broken waste tablets are ground into powder.

Thirdly, using the eddy-vibrating screen to sieve the particles that cannot through the eddy-vibrating screen.Then sending them into the grinder to continue grinding.

Finally, according to the principle of electric conduction, the electrostatic separator separate the plastic and aluminum, and metal recovery rate is as high as 99%.

Our equipment is equipped with a dust collector, which can remove fly dust during processing and keep the environment clean. Another important part is that our machine is equipped with a circulation water cooling system, which can lower the high temperature in the grinding process, so as to prevent plastic from melting and sticking to aluminum due to friction at high temperatures.

Recycling the aluminum in the drug packaging, so that the aluminum can be reused, and profit can be made from it.If you want to know more, you can contact Doing Holdings Co., Ltd. to learn more.

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