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How to recycle aluminium from aluminium composite panels?

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As the application of aluminium composite panels becomes more and more extensive, the waste aluminium composite panels generated are also increasing. Although aluminium and plastic are materials that can be reused through processing, due to the good adhesion of aluminium and plastic, it is difficult to separate aluminium from plastic. But don't be worried, in this article, I will introduce some methods to recycle aluminium from aluminium composite panels.

aluminium plastic recycling machineRecycle aluminium from aluminium composite panels

The first traditional way is to crush the aluminium composite panels into particles, and then burning them with fire. The plastic will be burn out, and the aluminium will be left. But obviously, this will generate a large amount of polluting gas, which will directly pollute the environment, as well as has a low recovery of aluminium, cause aluminium will be oxidized during high temperature.

The second way is to use chemical solution to process aluminium composite panels. Soak the discarded aluminium composite panels in the strong acids or alkalis solution, thereby the aluminium foil will be separated from the plastic film. However, the strong acid or alkalis will corrosion to aluminium, which has low recovery and negative effect to environment, meanwhile, it is not easy to implement industrially.

aluminum plastic recycling machineAluminium plastic recycling machine

The third method is to process aluminium composite panels mechanically. Using aluminium plastic recycling machine to crush, grinding, sieving, electrostatic separation and dust removal, which will realize the double recycling of aluminium and plastic. The aluminium plastic recycling machine can grinding the aluminium composite panels into powder of 24 mesh, in this state, aluminium and plastic can be separated easily. Moreover, aluminium plastic recycling machine is equipped with pulse and cyclone dust removal system, which is used to collect the dust, protect the environment from pollution.

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