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Plastic and aluminum recycling process

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What is the drug packaging recycling process?

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The drug packaging is usually composed of aluminum and plastic, so they are recyclable. But How to recycle drug packaging? What is the drug packaging recycling process? Let me make a introduction in detail in this article.

Mechanical treatment is the most common method to recycle drug packaging, and aluminum plastic recycling machine is the most used machine currently. The whole process of recycling drug packaging by aluminum plastic recycling machine as follows:

aluminum plastic recycling machineElectrostatic aluminum plastic recycling machine

A. Crushing - Using a crusher to crush the drug packaging into small particles, which are easy to process.

B. Grinding - Using a blade type grinding mill to grind these particles into powder. Due to the good adhesion of aluminum and plastic, the particles is still hard to separate, so they should be ground to powder.

C. Sieving - Using a eddy-vibrating screen to check the grinding condition. If the powder cannot through the screen of eddy-vibrating screen, they will be sent back to the grinding mill to further ground, until the completely ground. And those completely ground powder will through the screen to the next step.

aluminum plastic separation recycling machineAluminum plastic separation recycling process

D. Magnetic separation - Using a magnetic separator to separate the iron powder firstly, which will promote the separation rate of aluminum plastic recycling machine.

E. Electrostatic separation - Using an electrostatic separator to separate aluminum powder and plastic powder. Electrostatic separator is an separation machine, which uses the principle of different objects have different reactions in the magnetic field due to their different conductivities to separate metals and non-metals. And the separation rate can reach to 99%.

aluminum and plastic separated by separatorAluminum and plastic separated by separator

Besides, a pulse dust removal system will be used to collect the dust during processing, which will not pollute the air. And the whole process adopts dry type separation method, which is no fire, no water, or no chemicals, so it will not pollute the environment. The drug packaging recycling process is an environmental friendly process.

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