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Can I recycle medication blister packs?

 Medication blister packs could be recycled to pure aluminum and plastic for second use. Also the recycling process is easy to operate and bring high benefit.

Medication blister packs, even check from the appearance, you could see it’s consist of aluminum foil and plastic. Aluminum foil is also called tinfoil, due to its big molecular density, it has the features of moisture and light isolation with good leakproofness. All these features make aluminum foil a good material for packing medication. As for the plastic, it’s mainly PVC, because of its advantages of high resistance to chemical corrosion, oxidizing agent, reducing agent and strong acid, as well as its wear-resisting feature, easy to produce, safe to use, cost-effective. Based on these good features, if we could recycle both aluminum and plastic from the medication blister packs, it would bring big benefit.

medication blister packsAluminum and plastic recycled from medication blister packs

After research, Doing Company developed the medication blister packs recycling machine, which could separate medication blister packs into pure aluminum and plastic. This way, both the aluminum and plastic could be available to be put into production for new products. The medication blister packs recycling process is easy, mainly include crushing, grinding and electrostatic separation, with circulation water cooling and rotatary vibrating screen to control the particle size and separation rate. Through the separation process, it could get 98% purity aluminum and plastic from medication blister packs, which could be directly bought from the aluminum and plastic production factories. Aluminum could be sold directly in powder or made into ingots or panels with the price up to $2000 per ton. We calculated that from every one ton waste medication blister packs, you could get $500 pure profit. In view of this, sure you could recycle medication blister packs.

recycle medication blister packsThe process of recovering aluminum and plastic

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