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Can you recycle blister packs in UK?

As we all know, UK is a country with the best quality of the global medical care system. Of course, there are a lot of blister packs waste. There are many ways to recycle the blister packs waste, among which recycling it to aluminum and plastic by medical blister pack recycling machine is the best solution.

Why the blister packs can be recycled in UK?

The Blister packs of the medicine is also called as the eye bleb, press through packaging, Push-through foil. The blister packs mainly contains two components:

1. PTP Aluminium Foil (99% purity of electrolytic aluminum which is hard aluminum foil for industrial used.)

2.PVC Hard piece: PVC/PVDC Composite hard piece; PVC/PE/PVDC Composite materials.

They all can be recycled because of high value. The medical blister pack recycling machine can do it.

Medical plastic blister recycling machineMedical blister pack recycling machine

Then how to recycle blister packs by medical blister pack recycling machine in UK

Step1: Crushing blister packs raw materials into 1cm around by DOING Crusher.

DOING Crusher use high quality SKD-11 tool steel and the tool installation design can be adjustable.

Step2: Grinding the crushed blister packs into 24-28mesh by DOING grinder


1.Compared with same type of grinding mill, the output of the mill is increased by 20-50% at the same power basis on precise tool and meticulous structure.

2.The dust collecting device is added to reduce the dust pollution effectively.

3.The design of the output of the main fan reduces the labor intensity of the operating workers.

4.Main engine door cover can be opened, easy to repair and tool replacement.

5.The use of wind-water double cooling can down the working temperature of the body by better. And the materials are not easy to change performance, at the same time, it is also conducive to the grinding of heat sensitive plastics, which can be used to grind part of PE and ABS.

Step3: Linear vibrating screen to get the bigger pellet to grind again by DOING Grinder.

Step4: Separating the Aluminum and plastic by Electrostatic separator.

Medical plastic blister recycling machineThe working process of medical blister pack recycling machine

DOING electrostatic separator’s recovery rate can reach 99% which basis on Exquisite Skill of Configuration & Debugging. For more Electrostatic separator information please contact us freely.


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