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How to recycle aluminum and what are the advantages of aluminum plastic recycling machine?

As everyone knows that the value of aluminum is very high, the raw materials usually are medical blister, aluminum-plastic composite panel, aluminum-plastic ceiling, aluminum-plastic decorative panel and so on. These material can be recycled to extract aluminum by aluminum plastic recycling machine.

aluminum plastic recycling machine Aluminum plastic recycling machine and the recycled products

The process is simple. First is Crushing the raw materials. Secondly is grinding machine with dust removal and circulation water cooling. Then match the eddy vibrating screen to screen the granulate of different size. Then the electrostatic separation will separate aluminum from plastic by their different electrical property.

process of aluminum recyclingThe process of aluminum plastic recycling

The follow is advantages of our aluminum plastic recycling machine:

1.DOING aluminum plastic recycling machine adopts physical separate process instead of the traditional way to recycle pure aluminum, no secondary pollution to the environment.

2.DOING aluminum plastic recycling machine equip the circulation water cooling system in the process of grinding to avoid that the materials happen high-temperature melt coking during the grinding process, to ensure the recovery rate of over 99%.

advantages of aluminum plastic recycling Advantages of aluminum plastic recycling machine

3.DOING aluminum plastic recycling machine use negative pressure loading to improved discharge of efficiency.

4.There is pulse dust removal collector equipped in the process line to make sure there isn’t dust fly around the machine and make the true environmental.

5.The 1-2 operators is enough by using the PLC control system to reduce the manpower and the cost.

6.The electrostatic separation make sure the 99.9%-100% separation rate to get pure and clean aluminum /plastic.

From the above introduce, you will understand clearly our aluminum plastic recycling machine is with simple design and easy to operate, fully environmental, high separate rate for your long profit. So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have raw materials and plan do this great business !


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