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Recycling aluminium from plastic - aluminium plastic recycling plant

Date:09-22,2022/ Video/ Chat online/ Get a free quote

Aluminium plastic recycling plant, showed in the video, is designed for separating aluminium from plastic by processing waste aluminium plastic composite materials.

Configuration: Crusher, grinding mill, eddy-vibrating screen, circulation water cooling system, electrostatic separator and dust removal system.

Raw materials: Aluminium plastic panels, pharmaceutical blister packs, aluminium plastic foils, aluminium plastic shaving materials, etc.

aluminium plastic recycling plantWorking process

Working process: Crushing - Grinding (with water cooling system) - Sieving - Electrostatic separation - Dust removal

Advantages: Aluminium plastic recycling plant has many advantages, like low cost, long use life, easy to operate, 99% separation rate, environmental protection, etc.

aluminium plastic recycling plantAluminium plastic recycling plant

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