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Aluminum plastic recycling separation techniques

There are many techniques to process the aluminum plastic composite material, but now aluminum plastic recycling separation machine which is specialized in recycling the waste aluminum plastic composite material is the most welcome technique in people’s life.

As a common waste in real life, waste aluminum plastic composite material has a high recycling value. If these waste couldn’t be properly processed, it will not only cause a large loss of useful resources, but also it could do some harm to the environment and human health.

aluminum plastic separation machineWaste aluminum plastic composite materials

For example, some people choose to burn the waste aluminum plastic composite material directly, which can cause a lot of pollution to the air and also can damage the metal properties in the waste. This is a very not supported technique.

Another common technique of recycling waste aluminum plastic composite material is to use chemical process, which will both need water and chemicals during the process. So as for this technique, its cost is high and the process is more complicated. Furthermore, after the process, the waste water is a problem . And the chemical will produce pollution to the air.

Therefore, we are constantly improving and after many times research and practice, we have produced a new technique of aluminum plastic recycling separation machine to professionally recycle these aluminum plastic composite material. The process from crushing, grinding, separation to dust removal is adopted the advanced dry type physical process to effectively solve the problem of the resources waste. It’s totally an environmentally friendly machine. The aluminum plastic recycling separation machine could effectively separate the aluminum and plastic for further use, and the metal recovery rate could be reaching to above 99%.

aluminum plastic recycling machineAluminum and plastic separated from aluminum plastic composite materials

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