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What is the recycling process of aluminum foil?

The waste aluminum foil can be processed by aluminum plastic recycling machine for recycling use. We Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd has professional aluminum plastic recycling machine, which can help you earn a rich profit from recycling the waste aluminum foil. Then let me tell you the recycling process of waste aluminum foil by the aluminum plastic recycling machine in detail.

Aluminum plastic recycling machineAluminum plastic recycling machine

Step1: Crushing

Putting the waste aluminum foil into the crusher for crushing. After testing, the crusher of the aluminum plastic recycling machine keeps the aluminum foil particles less than 10mm to keep easy process for next step.

Step2: Grinding

Because the aluminum-plastic plate is very light and the adhesion between aluminum and plastic is very high, in this step, the grinder can ground the broken waste aluminum foils into powder to make the separation easy.

Step3: Circulation water cooling

During grinding, the circulation water cooling system is used to prevent the separation effect and product quality from being affected of aluminum-plastic powder by high temperature melting and coking.

Step4: Screening

The particles that are not completely ground into powder can be screened out by using the rotary vibrating screen and returned to the grinding machine for grinding again to ensure the grinding of the waste aluminum foil particles more thorough。

Step5: Electrostatic separating

Based on the conductive principle, the aluminum and plastic with different conductivities are separated in a closed high voltage electric field, and are separated. The separation rate of aluminum and plastic could reach to 99%.

aluminum plastic recycling machineThe recycling process of waste aluminum foil

Above is the recycling process of waste aluminum foil by the aluminum plastic recycling machine. If you plan to engage in the aluminum-plastic recycling business and need an aluminum plastic recycling machine, please contact us in time, we will provide you with professional aluminum-plastic recycling machine and plant construction suggestions, welcome your call.

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